How Deno Deploy Changes the Game for JS Server Hosting

Deno Deploy is a “multi-tenant JavaScript engine running in 25 data centers across the world.” It’s a way to effortlessly deploy JavaScript without any need for config or maintenance. Deno Deploy obviously runs Deno, a “simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript” and an alternative to Node and even made by the same person. Deno is steadily growing in popularity and stability and the developers are very serious in its future.
What Deno Deploy does is makes deploying simple Deno scripts extremely simple with an online code editor and simple GitHub integration so that you can test your code quickly. For Node applications, I used and Heroku to test and deploy my API’s. They’re both free but the free plans have limits, having to warm up half a minute and with limited requests. Also, getting the packages in Node to be compatible was a bit of a pain sometimes.
Deno Deploy is almost too good to be true for Deno users. Although it’s in the beta phase it has astoundingly great limits for a free tool. There is currently no paid plans but they say they are to have one in the future.

Request count: 100k req/day, 1000 req/min
Memory: 512 MB
CPU Time per request: 50 ms
Environment variable size: 8 KB
ES modules per deployment: 1000
Deployment script size: 20 MB
Deployments per hour: 30
Custom domains: 50
Crash Reports: 10 crash reports per deployment, 100 logs per crash report
BroadcastChannel: 64KB/sec send rate per isolate, no limit on receive

I think that one of the reasons for the creation for Deno Deploy is to promote using Deno as a now “deployable” and stable replacement for Node however, Deno has yet to really gain significant popularity among developers and may not be ready to used in production. What do you think?
Deno Deploy docs here
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